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Designed for parents who are responsible for getting their ENTIRE FAMILY cleaned up, dressed, fed, and packed up every. single. morning.

Scoot is a shared family calendar app focused on making it easier to get your family out the door each morning, by sending notifications in the morning and evening that tell you your events AND what you need to bring or remember for that day too.

Events are simple - they can have just a start time and no end time, or just a date and no time. Set colors by family member, custom color, and extra markings such as circling the date.

Using the app is a breeze, with a visual, full screen calendar, quick add events, and event auto save. Changes you make synchronize in real-time to your family members' calendars.

Customize your UI - Choose from many different colorful themes, and set your preference for event styling and sizes on the calendar.

Help them help you! Make sure your family members are getting notified. You can set up your family member notification times. You can set events to send text message reminders if they can't be bothered to download the app.

Already using another calendar? Scoot integrates smoothly with iOS/Android calendar and Google calendar for families that need to keep using a combination of calendars. You can even import your other calendars into Scoot so it's easier to manage everything from one place.

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